Delicious Summer Dinner Ideas

June 20th marks the first official day of summer. Children will be home from school. The weather will turn tepid in some areas and blistering in others. For moms and dads keeping the kids entertained presents some headaches, but ensuring the children are fed, can be burden. Quick, microwavable meals might satisfy kids for a while, but after a few weeks, the high-sodium, low-nutrient value of some prepackaged meals might not be so healthy.
Online culinary classes might teach you a thing or two about adding some spice to your summertime menu, but you might not have time to venture off and take a six-week course. Instead, you can find plenty of ideas by mix-and-matching old favorites to prevent recipes from losing their satisfaction with the kids.
  • Grilled Salmon – The grill you’ve neglected for six months can now be put back in action. Buy some salmon; throw it on the grill; and sprinkle in some Dijon sauce. With the flavorful taste of the fish and sauce, you and your kids get a protein-rich, low-calorie meal perfect for staving off those added calories families tend to pack on during the summer.
  • Green Garlic Steak – Garlic collated with steak makes for the perfect matrimony. Marinate the steak, throw the meat on the grill and cut the beef into thin slices to add to a salad or sprinkle over a bed of rice. Add some white wine, peppers, salt, beef broth and vinegar to your chopped up garlic and you have yourself a recipe for success.
  • Asian Pulled Pork Sandwiches – Pulled pork has been a Southern staple for decades. Asian pulled pork sandwiches take the same basic method of cooking pulled pork but instead mix in different sauces to flavor the meat. Marinate the pork in hoisin sauce and soy sauce to mix up this southern staple. Remember, pulled pork is always cooked slowly, so relax, and take your time.
  • Crabby Sandwich – A fun food idea for kids, a crabby sandwich takes a croissant, strawberries, olives and carrots to make a crab-like figure out of the ingredients. The sliced strawberries make great pincers, while the olives make for the perfect eyes for your little creation. Add in some carrots for the legs and lunchmeat for the insides and you have a healthy, almost-hard-to-eat crabby sandwich.
  • Chicken Cheese Steak – A twist on a Philadelphia classic, the chicken cheese steak builds on the same recipe used in thousands of Philly cheese steak recipes: green peppers, onions, cheese and a Philly roll. Grill up the slices of chicken breast. Add a bit of white wine for flavor. Pick out your favorite cheese (most people use provolone) and load up the Philly roll with peppers, onions and chicken.
  • Southwest Chicken Melt – Stir up some black beans and cut up some chicken breast because this southwest classic adds some spice and a healthy dose of flavor. Topped with avocado slices, a healthy coating of lemon juice and peppers, and you have yourself a spicy, healthy serving of the Southwest.
Remember, you do not need to be a culinary master to create healthy, delicious dinner-time recipes for you and your family. All you need is some creativity to mix-and-match old favorites. If you do want to pursue a culinary degree, you can always visit to help you find the perfect program.


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