Mother-in-law Posted by Jerold Austin

My wife’s father passed away last year from cancer. My wife spent months worrying about her mother living alone before she asked me if she could move in with us. I was hesitant at first because I knew that everything in our home would be affected by my wife’s mother. Her mother is a pretty stubborn woman who can never admit that she is wrong. However, I love my wife and I do not want her to be worried about her mother. We have the perfect setup in our basement for her mother to have her own apartment, so she moved in with us. The first thing her mother asked me was whether or not we would have satellite TV. I gladly told her that we had satellite TV from I keep my distance from her mother because she can drive me crazy faster than anyone I have ever met. It makes my wife happy to have her mother safe in our basement and my kids love having their Grandma around. I think I will be able to tolerate her living with us for a while.