Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dessert in a Hurry

On Sunday we not only had lasgna but we also had company. Ken's friend Paul has been in town from Ohio and he joined us for dinner. I'm traditional when it comes to having company for dinner. I like the house to be clean (or at least the mess is well hidden) and to provide a decent meal complete with dessert. However, I was in a rush on Saturday when I did the grocery shopping and didn't plan a dessert. I could have served brownies but that seemed lame so Sunday afternoon I found myself rummaging through the pantry.

I found a cake mix for angel food cake and figured I could make strawberry shortcake. I saw grandma do it enough times that I thought I could easily make it. I took the bag labeled "Organic strawberries" out of the freezer and left them to thaw while I cooked lasgna and baked the cake. Several hours later I opened the bag to find that Ken had stored some gross looking bananas in the bag and there were no strawberries to be had.

I contemplated throwing the bananas at Ken since he's very fond of "Monkey in the Middle" but figured it was a waste of time. I went back to my pantry and found a can of cut pineapple. I cut the angel food cake into squares, added a layer of pineapple, some real whipped cream (that I had on hand), another layer of cake and then more whipped cream. The guys really liked it and dinner was a success.

So in a pinch -Take a cake (it can be something other than angel food), throw on some fruit and whipped cream and you've got yourself a dessert that both tasty and a little healthy.

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