Thursday, April 2, 2009


Welcome to Christina's Guide to Feeding the Family. I'm not just talking about your nuclear family but also your work family, your church family and all of the people you spend a lot of time with. My co-worker actually suggested that I set this blog up as he's interested in how exactly I make those chocolate chip cookies I'm always bringing into work. My goal is to not only share recipes but also share experiences. Cooking and baking can be fun and anyone can do it. Whether you're a bachelor in search of something to eat right now or a stressed out mommy, everyone needs to eat and it should be fun and tasty.

I also think that cooking and baking with our kids can help give them a sense of purpose and independence. Kenna (who's about 11 1/2) has expressed a great deal of interest in learning how to cook and bake. She really enjoys being a part of the process and creating something that everyone can enjoy. Turns out cooking and baking can be a real self esteem booster.

So look for my adventures as I try new things. I'm going to say goodbye to my comfort zone and hello to yummy eating. :)

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