Monday, January 25, 2010

Tools for the Kitchen (Cooking Must Haves!)

Okay this is hands down the best present I have ever gotten. (Even better than my shuffle that keeps me going at the gym.) It's my Kitchen Aid. For months after we got married, I wouldn't let anyone touch this little treasure. It was a work of art sitting pristinely on my counter until one day a certain child said "Come on, we have to make cookies with this thing!" And it's been love ever since!!

I've made everything from bread to pastries to meatloaf in this thing. It's easy to clean and operate (just taught our 7 yr old how to use it). It's a tool that every kitchen should have.


Melissa said...

I SOOOO agree with this! I'm only a baker and it's fantastic. Then you add all the attachments, and it's even more spectacular!

Nathan said...

I used to use ours on a frequent basis. It now sits gathering dust as I turn to my new favorite cooking gadget the grill.