Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cooking and Coupons

Once upon a time, I was a single gal with tons of free time, disposal income and a four pack (thanks to all the free time I could spend at the gym). And then I got married and everything changed literally. In the course of the time it took me to say "I do"; I went from being all of the aforementioned to being a wife and mother of three and surrendering my abs to Oreo binges.

It used to be that I never ate dinner let alone cooked it. But thanks to my newly acquired responsibilities, I found myself constantly trying to answer the same questions - "What's for dinner? And do I really have to eat tater tot casserole again?"

In order to appease the family I joined, I decided to branch out and try new recipes hence this cooking blog. While I'm probably not as entertaining as Julie Powell, I hope that the recipes and coupon tips prove to be helpful to whoever stumbles upon my humble little blog.

I've learned alot (since I jumped fully clothed into the deep end of the pool) about cooking and saving money. I've also found that acquiring new skills really takes the edge off the moments when I feel like giving up on trying to keep the house clean, the kids fed and my husband from leaving his dirty socks in odd places around the house. (Who does that anyway?) I've also learned that baking with children is a really good way to get them to focus on something other than hitting each other and that you should never take more than ONE kid with you to the grocery store while some kids should NEVER be taken to Walmart - period.

If you have recipes, tips for saving money on groceries or know a great way to motivate your husband to pick up after himself then feel free to post a comment here!

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