Monday, April 27, 2009


I've been a bit under the weather so you'll notice this blog has been recipe-lite the last couple of days. (It's hard to cook when you're having trouble standing up right. :) So while I try to recover, here's some more info on helpful resources for feeding the family.

My blog was recently listed on MomDot. MomDot is a mom blog listing site that is run by mommy bloggers, Trisha, Alicia, and Bridgette.They run contests weekly, reviews on awesome (and not so awesome) products for families and kids, and talk about their lives. But more importantly, they feature bloggers and mom boutiques to give them an avenue to get their names out there, also assisting in google links! You can head out and list your blog for free and talk to them about doing an interview about you. Head on over and see what MomDot is about! (There's a link to the right.)

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