Friday, July 3, 2009

Chrissa's Chili Burgers

Last night I made hamburgers at the request of my little darlings who seemed to have inherited their father's penchant for red meat. (They even like it medium-rare.) While they love meat, they all seem to fill up fast and that left me with three cooked hamburger patties, some sliced mild cheddar cheese and sliced onions. It's amazing how leftovers that don't look all that appealing the next day, can turn into quite the tasty lunch.


1 family sized can of Nalley Chili
1/4 cup of sliced onions
4 slices of medium cheddar cheese
3 cooked hamburger patties
Sour Cream
5 hamburger buns


Cook chili and add onions and cheddar cheese. Cut hamburger patties into small pieces and add to chili. Cook for about ten minutes on medium heat. Pour mixture over hamburger bun and serve with a dollop of sour cream.

This was a huge hit and a budget conscious meal.

Serves: 5

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