Sunday, July 5, 2009

What to do when your kids won't eat what you make.

I grew up in one of those very strict and traditional households where you have to eat what's put on your plate whether you want to or not. As a result, I ate more Brussel sprouts than any kid should have to.

Since I hated being forced to eat stuff I just didn't like, I try to give our kids choices in regards to what they can eat. When it comes to dinner I say - "Take two bites and eat some veggies." But when it comes to lunch, I'm far more flexible. Today for example, we had quesadillas for lunch and our middle child insisted that she just doesn't like them. I could have pushed her to eat a couple of bites but since she's old enough (8) to do some of her own cooking, I asked if she'd rather have Mac & Cheese. She said yes and I told her she was free to have that but she'd have to cook it herself.

Kraft makes these nifty single serving packets that just require 2/3 cup of water heated for 4 minutes in the microwave. Kess was able to cook this on her own and was happy enough to eat the whole serving. I explained to the whole family that I want to cook food they like but asking me to cook multiple entrees to please everyone - is just cruel and unusual punishment.

If your kids are old enough to use a microwave, try keeping mac and cheese on hand or something similar. It can really take a lot of the stress out of feeding your family.

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