Friday, March 19, 2010

Using Coupons to Save Money

See all of those groceries there? I paid $21.70 for all of this! It was such a great deal that the cashier actually jumped up and down and said "who hoo!". (Yes, this really happened and is further proof that us Moms probably need to get some more hobbies. :)

So how did I score such a great deal? Simple - I watch for sales in the newspapers and clip coupons. The number one rule of coupon clipping - HOLD ONTO IT AND WAIT FOR A SALE! And that's exactly what I did.
Another thing that helped me in my money saving efforts - a really nice gal stopped and told me that there were coupon dispensers on the cereal aisle that I was able to use in conjunction with the store's coupons, the sale and the coupons I already had.

If you have a Fresh Market in your neighborhood be sure to get over there and check out the amazing deals they having going on this week. Who knows, with a haul like this - some of us might even get nominated for "Best Mom Ever".

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