Thursday, April 16, 2009

10 Things to Do for Dinner

Have you caught the Friday Dinner Blues? Are you running out of steam and cooking dinner is about as appealing as having a root canal on your birthday? Welcome to my world!

Here's a list of my Top Ten things to do when you're tired of cooking:

  1. Take the kids out for dessert as dinner (Once a year Jon and Kate do this. It can be a special treat and a family event)
  2. Let the kids pick out a frozen pizza and make it date night for two
  3. Feign amnesia...who do these kids belong to?
  4. Have breakfast for dinner (I love Special K with red berries no matter what time of day it is)
  5. Use leftovers to make a buffet
  6. Eat soup and sandwiches (it's my default when I haven't grocery shopped)
  7. Hire a Martha Stewart look alike and put her to work
  8. Make it a "YoYo" night (which means you're on your own)
  9. Do the obvious and order takeout
  10. Hit the drive thru at Taco Bell (it's cheap and easy!)
Happy Friday!!!


Anonymous said...

It's breakfast for dinner, not dinner for breakfast

Anonymous said...

Thats what it says....duh. Breakfast for dinner is what I'm having :) Good Pick!