Sunday, September 6, 2009

Saving money on Feeding Your Family

I'm one of those people who doesn't always plan meals out ahead of time. In fact, I'm frequently guilty of going to the grocery store totally unprepared and hungry. (Both are guarantees that I will overspend and buy chocolate.)

But after seeing a news story about a woman who saves her family $50,000 a year on groceries, toiletries and clothing - I've decided to become a changed woman.

If you're like me and you want to save some money for college funds and not have to work until you're 70, here's one important for spending less on groceries -


It's amazing how many good websites are out there with ways to save money on your grocery bill. Check out this one for example -

By spending an hour or so a week checking the newspapers and hitting some online sites, you'll find over time that those coupons can add up to quite a substantial savings. Now I know I'm a long ways away from the gal who saves $50k a year but I'd be happy to save a $100 a month.

Keep checking back for more useful tips on how to feed your family and stay sane.

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