Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Steak on a budget

Sorry for the lack of pictures lately. With 8 computers at my disposal you'd think they'd all have the necessary software to upload pictures but alas they don't and my memory card is nearly full.

Is there a meat lover in your family? Well, I've got two in mine (including a 7 yr old who will go to great lengths to steal bacon when I'm not looking :). Flank steak can be very expensive especially when you're feeding a family of five. If you have meat lovers in your family who love a good steak, here's how you can feed them on a budget.

Take a 3lb pot roast and slice it horizontally. Marinate it for an hour before hand and fry in the marinade until it's cooked to your satisfaction. It's like eating a steak but considerably cheaper. Another helpful hint - cooking in a cast iron skillet can also enhance the flavor and aid in the cooking time.

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