Sunday, January 16, 2011

My bad experience couponing at Target

I wrote previously about my positive experience with using coupons at Target so I feel like it's only fair that I follow up with yet another story. Tonight I went to Target with eight dollars worth of coupons and now is probably a really good time to mention that I'm more than 8 1/2 months pregnant with a feisty little boy who doesn't let me sleep much, has caused my body to retain 30lbs of water and makes it very painful to stand on my feet for more than 20 seconds. Still, I persevere with work, commuting and blah blah blah. ('Cause it's what women do in 2011!)

Keeping that in mind, I'm really looking forward to getting back to working out and wanted to get the new Bob Harper dvd while I had a $5 coupon for it. So I waddled into Target to buy the dvd and the required Quaker Oats products that came with the coupon. I didn't mind buying the products because I had an additional three coupons to cover those.

When I went to check out, I noticed a gray haired man standing at a cash register with no one in his line. My feet directed me to the line and from the minute he snapped "Hi" at me - I knew I had made a mistake. There was a reason his line was empty. I should have picked up my items and waddled away, but I didn't want to be rude. (especially since he was clearly going to be) He started ringing up my items and I handed him my coupons. At that moment, a crowd seeing it was safe to approach, quickly formed behind me.

As I watched the cashier reluctantly ring up my coupons, I noted his irritation and disgust. (That's fine. Seen it all before.) Then he proceeds to tell me that my Quaker oats are not covered by the $5 coupon. He makes some comment about the boxes having single servings and are therefore excluded. I fought the urge to say "Seriously? Do you not see that my items match the pictures on the coupon?" (And I really really wanted to say that.)

But I don't like to make a scene and I really don't like to inconvenience other people so I said "How about I step out of line. Take a look at where I went wrong and you can help the next person?"

He mumbled something at me and I stepped out of line. Thankfully, a manager or assistant manager happened to be walking by thirty seconds later and she was nice. I asked her to take a look at my coupon and explained the situation. She agreed that my items were covered and spoke to the cashier. He very angrily rung me up and all but threw my receipts at me. No "have a nice day" or "sorry about that" - just pure and utter disgust.

Aw, that joys of trying to save a buck. :)

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