Friday, December 2, 2011

Paula Deen's 25 days of of Holiday Cookies

I usually try to keep this blog fairly light-hearted because my grandmother always said that it's better to laugh than cry. It's been a rough week with lots of travel, not enough sleep and an ongoing battle at home though.

Someone was telling me yesterday how his wife doesn't think he does enough even though he cooks, cleans and changes diapers while working multiple jobs. I said to this poor soul, "I was running late this morning because I had to scrub poop out of the carpet while trying to get the baby cleaned, dressed and finish getting ready myself. You know what my husband did to help? He got in the shower so I had to go find some place else to dry my hair. After dropping the baby off at daycare, I came back to the house to grab a warm jacket (because there was a windstorm going on outside) and I found him cooking himself a frittata while I never got breakfast. So send your wife over to my house!"

I try to laugh when I tell that story because I think it's funny that my husband actually took the time to cook himself a nice meal while 90 mile hour winds were blowing. I also think it illustrates that some days - life just sucks.

I like Paula Deen's recipes and I respect her as a person. She's overcome a great deal of adversity herself and she seems more like a "better to laugh about it than cry about it" kind of person. So, in honor of her and everyone else that's looking for a reason to keep moving forward today, check out Paula's 25 days of Holiday cookie recipes.

Happy Holidays,

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